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Take the test Peoria High School: A History
Historical pictures of Peoria High School

When "The High School" first opened, there were a variety of grade schools operating in the Peoria area. To ensure that the incoming students would be on even academic footing, a test was given to prospective class members. In order to be admitted, students needed to score 75% or more on the test. Would you have made the cut?

NOTE: The historical archives did not include the "answer keys" to these tests so we have done our best to correctly answer each question. The questions were taken exactly as they appeared on the original test. Remember that the answers to these question must take into account the time period for the test. If we have made a mistake or if you have the answer to an unanswered question, please email us at or post it to our Facebook page

Good Luck!


1857 Entrance Exam

1857 Entrance Exam

1870 Entrance Exam

1870 Entrance Exam

Peoria High School students

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